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Germany, less than 22 weeks pregnant premature birth of the worl

( edit : SN009)
Global Network reporter Zhu Ying library reported Agence France-Presse April 23, citing the German start childbirth, giving birth to babies less than a pound weight ,Moncler Vests sale, which also set a world 's most premature children .
Named Frieda's premature female infant

reported , this woman named Frieda's premature babies November 7, 2010 born ,Cheap Moncler Women Short Coats, height 28 cm, weight 460 grams . Her twin brother unfortunately died a few days after birth . After five and a half months in hospital care ,Moncler Women Short Jackets, she can finally leave the western German city of Fulda Clinic home. Now ,discount moncler coat, he has seven pounds weight , and height reached 50 cm . The doctor said : preterm children ,Moncler lovers vest, but less than 32 weeks of pregnancy premature babies will have a silent place to grow up risk.

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British villa away from the cliff landslide case less than one m

The villa owners are now trying to secure their own property.
villa built in the sea cliff , near twice as landslides , even from the sky it looks a bit like a
again last week after a landslide , the villa from the cliff edge of the fence , less than one meter distance.

this with 4 bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool , rotating glass staircase of the mansion was built in 2005,Cheap Moncler Women Short Coats, because of its sea cliffs , so residents can enjoy unrivaled views . Unfortunately , this cliff in 2007,Moncler lovers vest, suffered landslides ,Moncler Hood coats, resulting in a Last week,Moncler Kids Twinset Black, a similar thing took place , the direct result of the garden disappeared , and now the fence from the cliff side villa only 3 feet ( 0.9 meters) .
the original owner has been in 2009 to 1.7 million pounds (about 18.02 million yuan ) will be priced house sold a couple , the couple is struggling to secure villa currently allowed to continue maintenance costs estimated to be very expensive. House 's value dropped because of security issues 1.1 million pounds ( about 11.66 million yuan ) .
( Source : China Daily Tung Wai )

According to the British After two severe landslides ,cheap Moncler Men Vests, the villa from the edge of the cliff has been less than a meter .

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Men want to call 110 , said hub 8 hours after the bombing arrest

Kuo Wei-kuo ,Moncler Hood coats, said peace can not shake the mountain city of Chongqing is now in the high-speed development period , the hard-won peaceful environment for development , police in Chongqing have been various types of hazards of life and property safety of the crime remain crackdown high pressure situation , in particular, information on such fabricating terrorist cases disrupt the social order , Chongqing police will quickly and efficiently , strike out , to give to crack down on criminals , allowed to pay the price is pulling no punches .

Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Kuo Wei-kuo introduced Tianjin police received the alarm transmitting ,moncler coats, the Chongqing police attention , quick response , the first time to start plan , improve the city's transportation security alert and careful investigation the city's subway , light rail and other important public transport routes .

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Chongqing Morning News ( Reporter Du ) October 13, 8:00 pm,cheap Moncler Men Vests, Chongqing, Tianjin Public Security Bureau police received a transfer to the police intelligence , a man in Guizhou Bureau 110 phone call ,discount moncler coat, claiming to be in Chongqing important public transport hub explosions . Yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau informed that the Chongqing police and more police interaction , fought in Guizhou, only 8 hours to Long Lane County in Guizhou Province, arrested terrorist release of information of criminal suspects.
the life and property safety is extremely heavy, Chongqing police quickly set up public transportation, terrorism , Interpol and other police forces to form a kind of investigative task force , to carry out investigation of cases . According to information available, the police followed the lead track , just three hours locked the suspect .
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day at 4 pm , Chongqing police cross-domain operations , police rushed to the Guizhou project ,Cheap Moncler Women Short Coats, will be published in the Long Lane County to bomb terrorist information and threatened to arrest suspects Li Dachang . Li Dachang of the end of August 2011 has been repeatedly call Tianjin, Beijing , Fuzhou , Guiyang and other places of the 110 call , threatening the implementation of the explosion confessed . At present, the suspect Lee was escorted back to Chongqing , after investigation and hearing is fabricating lies with false information.

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Grazing by private car driver was killed the other person has a

this point, Mr. Kwak was stopped fist in his wife's persuasion, regardless of bloodied Zhang, car fled the scene.

after the incident, the white under police investigation, according to a comprehensive analysis of the evening, the suspect was arrested Kwak.
Jiangsu Provincial Hospital issued a shock, eventually leading to death.
According to the police concerned parties, Kwak, after his release from prison, offenders on several occasions. In February 2007, on his release from prison in less than a month because of suspected fraud are online pursuit; 2008, Mr. Kwak as carrying an imitation revolver trouble in handling; after 2010, and because of its alleged assault by the police.
Currently, Mr. Kwak on suspicion of intentional assault prosecution proceedings, the case will be heard in public recently. Zhang is the deceased person in charge of a company in Nanjing, with 30 national invention patents, the sudden tragedy allowed the family sorrow.
The indictment identified the fact that you can clearly see that Mr. Kwak in the beating process, can be divided into two stages. The first phase, from the altercation began beating, to be knocked to the ground unconscious Zhang stop,Moncler Hood Men coats, this process should be intentional injuries; after Zhang has been in a coma can not move, but no strength to fight back the case, Kwak continues to Zhang lying on the ground and kicked, also picked up to throw in their fences next to the concrete floor, issued by the hospital's death with the contents of the report, many fatal injuries are related to the process related to From this perspective, clearly belong to voluntary manslaughter.
grazing incident happened in an instant, silver cars rub the mirror to the black car, two cars have minor scratches, black car mirrors damaged.
, after it has kicked into his stomach. is dead. However, because Zhang serious injuries after she died.
with grazing lead to murder
After that, because of hooliganism in 1995 was sentenced to fifteen years, until released from prison in January 2007.
According to Kwak explain, after the discovery of vehicles, grazing, he and Zhang altercation dispute. Temper of his character that Zhang self assertive, pushing melee in the event, the meal of Zhang beat. In the process of beat, strike it excited, in spite of his post-playing dog eat dog had no ability to resist Zhang, picked up the belt, be thrown into the fences at the roadside, because belt fracture,Moncler Women Short Jackets, Zhang heavy fell to the cement floor. After that, he fled.

with ordinary disputes led to such disastrous consequences for how the family members considered to be too brutal murderer, and the intentional murder plot.

such incidents occur every day in dozens of Nanjing, but who did not think that this will be kills.

Zhang family, from the hit it was Zhang died, during which not a word, p>
Later, Zhang family several times to find witnesses to the incident. Witnesses said the collision that occurred at that time is very short, very brutal hit man, a crowd and trying to make 110 calls to discourage the police, but was beat man verbal threat, or putting it back in. If the alarm time, the man should get away. , is a technical expert, with 30 national invention patents, great achievements in the police equipment industry, its research and development of products good reputation in the industry.

according to a doctor's statement was recorded in five out of the injury, all
Things have gone a few months, but Zhang family still can not accept this fact.

6 月 13 日 上午 11 点 15 points, Nanjing Jianye Road, car to drive, this road is a single line, the car density from east to west roads heading west direction. Traffic, the rapid driving a silver car, when found in front of free time, silver car speed driving, the black car in front of more than ready.

found after grazing vehicles, two cars were stopped, the driver two cars were Kwak see the car and Zhang, grazing,cheap Moncler Coats, and to stand together.

two altercation, and pushing.

But the lawyer said the case falls within the Procuratorate, the prosecution's case, at present, Zhang's family can only wait for the court before sentencing in accordance with existing procedures, also need to wait after the sentencing, and through other ways of dealing with. Bo hot (edit: SN021)

no one think, slightly grazing the two vehicles will lead to even murder. Grazing which occurred a car owner Kwak, several punches to another owner Zhang unconscious, to continue kicking until their kidneys,cheap Moncler Men Vests, retroperitoneal, intraperitoneal many severely damaged. After the incident, Mr. Kwak drive quickly fled, Zhang was sent to hospital, after she died.
hit men have multiple criminal record
after the head was relatively thin physique tall Zhang Kwak hit after a few punches,Moncler Vests sale, Kwak did not stop beating, Zhang has been lying on the ground in a coma, he continued toward the Zhang's To Zhang belt fell to the ground after the break.


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